Our privacy policy

We at HERCARE are very keen to give you the best care we can, but we also aim to ensure that you as a patient are always well informed about the type of personal data we process on your behalf. Due to the new data protection regulation that came into force, we have updated ours privacy Policy and terms to clearly explain which of your personal data is saved with us and what the personal data is actually used for.

We collect browser cookies and session cookies (cookies) to collect information about activities. This contains statistics about your visit. Examples of this are clicks, pages, content viewed. Geographical data is also collected, which browser is used and which device category is used for visitors. This is to be able to adapt our content and make your experience better. We use a third party to help with this, in this case Google Analytics.

If you have questions regarding HerCare's processing of your personal data, contact our data protection officer Zeinab Daugaard via e-mail zeinab.daugaard@hercare.se