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Evaluate your hormonal balance and how to find well-being through all hormonal phases of life.

Many women who seek help from us have felt out of balance for a long time. Some have sought help in public health care without success and some have been told that "that's how it is to be a woman".

We will find out the underlying causes to why you feel the way you do, instead of just treating one symptom at the time. You have the right to feel good.

"It may sound cliché, but the help I have received from HERCARE has been life-changing for me"

/Sara, 51 years old

That's what our patients say

We look at the underlying causes and not just treat the symptoms.


HERCARE is a modern women's clinic that specializes in women's health. We offer care in the form of general medicine, gynecology, hormone replacement and also nutritional advice, stress management and talk therapy.


We take a holistic view of your health and always look at the underlying reasons why you feel the way you do. Your hormonal system works best when you feel calm, safe, stay active enough, sleep well and supply your body with the nutrition it needs to be able to produce your hormones.

In person, digital or by phone.


Our nice, bright clinic is located in Danderyd, about 15 minutes from Stockholm city. Here, our doctors, gynecologists, midwives, nurses, nutritionists and therapists meet patients daily Monday through Friday.


When you arrive at our office, you register at our check-in kiosk. Then you are welcome to settle down in our pleasant waiting room and serve yourself a cup of tea or coffee while waiting for the care giver.

We also offer digital meetings or consultation by phone, both flexible and time-efficient options, especially if you live far from Stockholm. Video meetings can be conducted via mobile phone, tablet or computer.

For certain types of meetings, you naturally need to be on site at the clinic. This applies, for example, to gynecological examinations.

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